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As a Lady or a Guy that is suffering from skin diseases that have refused to go? or inability to sleep well at night(Insomnia), do you have inflammation of skin, legs and feet,athlete’s foot, stretch marks, skin burns or varicose veins and it is stopping you from showing off that skin of yours? Suffering from Onychomycosis i.e(whitlow), hemorrhoids(pile), skin eczema, scabies and having boils that have been making you restless? Do you have dark knuckles,rhinitis(Common Cold), otitis media i.e(ear infection)? Want to have a fair and radiant skin colour and general use.

Ozone Oil can completely take care of the ailments mentioned above. No matter how long you’ve had them!


Ozone Oil is a light yellow liquid with a special odour and contains a few flocculent sediments. The Universal Ozone Oil is composed of olive oil and chinese herbs.

The sterilizing mechanism and process of Ozone Oil is glucose oxidase which is necessary for oxidizing and decomposing glucose inside bacteria.

Ozone Oil can kill all kinds of bacteria, fungi, viruses….it can be used orally to treat Stomach Ulcer, Asthma and externally to treat all types of skin diseases.

It is:

  • Green and Antibacterial

  • Safe and Efficient

  • Anti-prutitus and Analgesia

Ozone Oil kills pathogenic micro organisms and converts them into oxygen, which can be absorbed and utilized by cell tissues , accelerates blood circulation in local tissues and promotes wound healing without trace and pigment.

  • Ozone Oil is hygienically and clinically manufactured for the treatment of :
  • Insomnia(Sleepless night)

  • Gastritis(Stomach Inflammation), Enteritis(inflammation of small intestine)

  • Skin Burns, Acne, Facial Spots, Varicose veins, Skin eczema, Scabies, rhinitis(common cold)

  • Athlete’s foot, Onychomycosis i.e(Whitlow)

  • Hemorrhoids(Pile)

  • Scars, Gout

  • Otitis media i.e(Ear Problem),

  • Asthma-Bronchiolitis(inflammation of the bronchioles)

  • Gingivitis(Gum  Inflammation)

  • Prostatitis(Prostate Inflammation)

  • Arthritis, Osteoarthrosis(Degenerative joint Disease)

  • Pharyngitis(Pain or Irritation in the throat), Vasculitis, 

  • STD’s

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We understand your fears because there are so many fake products out there but have you tried ours? Would you rather continue to suffer in pains or would you give our product a try?

We give you 100% assurance that Ozone Oil is very effective and has no side effects. 



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